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I have a new toy

I needed a new cellular phone. And since I'm a real audiophile and cineast and simply love technological gimmicks, I decided upon a high-end device.

Initially, I thought I'd get either the Nokia N95 8bg, then I thought perhaps the N96 or the Omnia or the Xperia X1... I considered the iPhone, but it's only available with quite expensive (even oppressive) contracts, and the Xperia has a better screen-resolution.

But finally, I found the perfect device - the true "iPhone Killer". Still doesn't have multitouch, but as a multimedia-smartphone and lifestyle-device it surpasses the iPhone by far:

the htc Touch HD.

Have a look at these:
htc Touch HD Hardware Tour
htc Touch HD Software Tour

I love it - it's gorgeous and performs admirably. Not only is it great as a portable music and video player (with microSD of up to 16gb of storage - I currently have 8GB installed) with its 800x480 screen, it's also perfect for car-navigation because of the large screen.


Re: So what's missing ?

it all looks beautiful... and a)there is an flv-plugin for the free tcpmp player and b)well, with the dedicated youtube player its no problem.